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​Whether you purchased your playset from us or not, we can provide you with professional service to keep your equipment looking good, functioning well, and updated to fit your family's needs.

​Contact us in Georgia at (770) 252-2050, in Tennessee at (615) 719-1765, or use our online form below to send us an email and let us know how we can help with your playset, whether residential or commercial.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:    (770) 252-2050 GEORGIA      (615) 719-1765 TENNESSEE


other services available

  • Site Inspections for Warranty Replacement

  • Safety Inspections

Power wash
and seal

Unique 2 Day Process:

  • Day 1- Power Wash Entire Swing Set Using Factory Recommended Pressure

  • Day 2- Stain & Seal All The Wood Using Rainbow Factory Color & Seal

  • BONUS - Free Written Safety Inspection a $125 Value

annual safety check-up

  • Full Inspection of Entire Set

  • Tighten Any Loose Bolts

  • Replace Any Lost Caps

  • Grease Tire Swings

  • 1-3-& 5 Year Programs Available

Swings, Etc. is Proud To Offer a Wide Range of Swing Set Maintenance and Inspection Services

Swing set maintenance and inspection service