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At Swings Etc., our play systems are the top-of-the-line, and we guarantee it.  Rainbow's commitment to safe, quality construction and Sustainable Resources continues to set the standard for our industry. Rainbow Play Systems swing sets are an environmentally responsible choice you can feel good about having in your backyard. We’re proud to bring you Rainbow's safe, durable swing sets with strong, sturdy lumber, the World’s greatest renewable resource. Our swing sets are covered by Rainbow's unprecedented Lifetime Warranty.

Rainbow will not use any glued timber in their imported play equipment. Rainbow’s use of solid timbers in key structural areas (Main Support Members, Swing Beams and Swing Beam Support Legs) can assure you that safety and quality are never compromised. All of Rainbow's sets are covered by their unprecedented Lifetime Warranty.

Shop around, and then come play on our outdoor displays.  Our displays are outside so that you can see exactly what to expect as the sets weather.  We think the difference, and the quality, is clear.

Safety First

Strong, durable, made of the finest quality timber available, massive beam construction, Rainbow Play System’s Safety Scoop slides, and many commercial grade components.  Everybody is judged by safety and nobody stacks up against Rainbow.

quality Craftsmanship

Rainbow Play Systems continues to run the largest playground factory in the world located in Brookings, South Dakota.  Kids love Rainbow, parents trust Rainbow, and for generations we have been building Dreams from the factory in Brookings, South Dakota and across the world to your backyard.


Your Rainbow Play system will be the center of your children’s backyard play experience.  With over 100 options available we can design and build the play set of their dreams, and the best thing is it can grow right along with your child. 

Big Beams & Big Bolts

Quality means not cutting corners.  Rainbow Play Systems uses 4X4, 4X6, and 4X8 Beams to make sure your Play system is the strongest it can be.  Top that off with ½” through bolt construction, and you get a play set your whole family can use for years!

Warranty & Service – Now and Forever

Rainbow has been solely dedicated to building and servicing the world’s finest play equipment for over 30 years and counting. Rainbow's Lifetime Warranty set the industry standard, and exceeds the competition.

Proud to be Green

Owning a Rainbow Play Systems means making the environmentally responsible choice. Five trees are planted for every one tree harvested. Additionally, Rainbow Play Systems suppliers must adhere to one of two major forest initiatives:

1) The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) which calls for third-party inspections of forestlands for sustainability and habitat use.

2) Mill certification which identifies timber that has been approved to be harvested under an agreement reached in cooperation with scientists, environmental groups and foresters so as not to harm watersheds or wildlife habitats, erode the soil or over harvest an area.

Our mills will be providing us with a plentiful supply of timber on into perpetuity. Rainbow Play Systems is proud to be “green”, using America’s greatest renewable resource! You should be too!

We Build Childhood Memories

Established in 1985 and incorporated in 1987, Rainbow Play System is dedicated to manufacturing “child-friendly” play equipment. Rainbow is a privately owned company and has not changed hands since our inception. Our only focus is swing sets. We do one thing, make swing sets, and we do it best. With over one million children in our Rainbow family, you can be confident that Rainbow is the right choice for your family.

Swings & Billiards, Etc.

Rainbow Swing Sets for Kids

America's #1 Trusted Brand

Home Playground Tips

Remember, it is all about  S.A.F.E. F.U.N.

Supervise: 40% of playground accidents are a result of inadequate adult supervision.  Look for hazards and watch children playing.

Age-Appropriate Equipment: Equipment for children age 5 and up is not suitable for younger children   Be aware of your child’s abilities.

Free of Hazards: When planning your play area keep away from landscaping and plan enough space for swings.  Keep the area free of obstacles like toys or trash.
Examine your playset: Check your playset every few months to insure that hardware is secure and surfaces are smooth.  Openings should be less than 3.5” or greater than 9” to avoid potential entrapment.

Falls are cushioned: Falling to the ground accounts for almost 70% of playground injuries.  Make sure you have the proper surfacing materials at the proper depth to cushion falls.

Understand the Rules: Review your safety rules and good playground behavior with your children.  Have them alert you to other children that are playing in an unsafe or dangerous manner.

Never wear a hooded shirt: Hooded sweatshirts or shirts with strings are extremely dangerous around playsets.  Be especially careful when dressing your children in cooler weather to avoid clothes that make pose a strangulation risk.

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